Expansion Project

Cat's Club Fitness Inc



About Cat’s Club Fitness

Cat’s Club Fitness  is a safe space for self care and holistic wellness located in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. Founded and run by Army Veteran and certified Strength Coach, Cat Pollard. Cat’s Club Fitness offers a fully stocked, functional training, outdoor environment that is optimal for use year-round, particularly during a global pandemic. 

Appropriate for all abilities and fitness levels, Cat’s Club Fitness programs revolve around the three elements of wellness - nutrition, cardiovascular health and physical performance. Members experience variety every time they visit, workouts move seamlessly from weightlifting to calisthenics, indoor cycling, as well the traditional treadmill / elliptical options.  After a rewarding workout the member lounge awaits for community building, hands-on cooking classes and post-workout smoothies are some examples of amenities available for monthly subscribers. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been highly destructive to the fitness industry. Cat’s Club Fitness was lumped in with the sector and shut down for many months of 2020 and still marginalized today, despite the fact that most of Cat’s Club Fitness is outdoors.  Though the GYMS Act of 2021 (H.R. 890)  awaits consideration by the House of Representatives, there is no similar legislation around recovery grants to health and fitness business owners in the Senate and our elected officials have not approached this bill with any sense of urgency. 

About the Founder and Owner of Cat’s Club Fitness

Originally from the East Coast, I’m a proud Army Veteran with more than twenty years of experience in fitness & motivation.   It is my purpose to disrupt the big box gym model by providing more guidance and affordable support with learning how to use common equipment and manage their training programs safely and more independently over time. 

My philosophy is simple. First and foremost, you are stronger than you think. Second, true fitness has no ending or "after" point. It is based on consistency, sacrifice and accountability. I am on a mission to unleash the potential in anyone willing to invest in their self care management. 

I developed an interest in athletics and health at a young age.  Obesity, substance abuse and unhealthy relationships were all around me.  I believe we should all have a path to escape unhealthy behaviors. That's why I have a burning desire to help people feel the freedom and power I feel, physically and mentally.  Because the journey is ever-changing as we age, I too am open about my battles.  The comradery between myself and my clients /members adds to my already long list of reasons why our health must come first.

What Your Donation will be used for

Currently in its 5th year of operations in Sherman Oaks, Cat’s Club Fitness has successfully completed its first test by surviving as an independent entity. It's now time to turn rent payments into mortgage payments.  Cat's Club needs to relocate! Despite federal eviction moratoriums and widely advertised relief efforts, my former business partner, and current owner of our location, has harassed and demoralized me, and my team, to the point of exhaustion. Peace is our priority at Cat’s Club Fitness and in order to regain it we are claiming our place in this world.  Full independence means that some lucky neighborhood will have THE MOST dedicated and consistent Coach on their side facilitating a safe location for self care.

The good news is that I’ve reached a point in my personal journey that I am now able to purchase a property that will be the new, and final, home of Cat’s Club. I am overjoyed and overwhelmed by the cost to move all of the existing equipment and additional supplies to expand the facility and serve even more members safely. 

We are working against a tight timeline - our lease is up in 90 days! We survived the COVID shutdown in 2020, we know we will survive this with a little help from the community. If you are looking for an opportunity to support a LGBTQIA, Black-owned, woman-led business, I invite you to become an official Cat’s Club Fitness family member. Our goal of $50,000 includes the following expenses: 

Facility Move: $10,000
Tear down and re-installation of existing weight room, military desert tenting, jungle gym apparatus and all weight equipment 
Movers, trucking and hauling
Pest Control at new venue/home
New Property inspection

Renovations - $22,000
Lounge renovations and equipment/teaching kitchen
Member Bathroom remodel

Gym expansion - $18,000
Fitness equipment upgrades/expansion
Treadmills, cable machines
Protective flooring

Total raise: $50,000