What's What With BodyFatTest Owner Linda Finley

On Cat's Corner Podcast Episode 4 we chat with Linda Finley. Linda is the owner and operator of Body Fat Test. A growing line of body composition testing trucks bringing hydrostatic weighing to the general public. Hydrostatic weighing is considered the “Gold Standard” in body composition analysis, and I 100% agree. In this episode I had the pleasure of chatting with Linda about the origin of hydrostatic weighing and its necessity in every fitness plan regardless of age, gender and race. The is the episode that can unlock the answers to every choice you make when it comes down to what you eat, how you train your body in the gym and even the choices you make at times of extreme stress and depression. The latter is the most relevant to the state of our nation today. Pandemic fatigue is real. I believe the first step to taking advantage of a bit more time on your hands now, is to, once and for all, put a better effort in understanding the scientific side of our minds and bodies; as it relates to our future function.

Body Fat Test SoCal

(currently covering the bay area, between Bakersfield to north of the I-10, the inland border to the coast, OC, San Diego)

Company Details:

Body Fat Test : Linda Finley Owner/ Operator at  Body Fat Test  PO Box 3361 Camarillo CA 93011 P (805) 205-5356  E Linda@BodyFatTest.com  W www.BodyFatTestCA.com