Cat's Corner Podcast Ep 5:Time Management Tips & Tools

The busy executive tends to have a larger amount of visibly unhealthy men and women. Booking way too many "lunch meetings" to get away with eating badly and then being too tired to exercise after a long work day.

In some parts of the country, the corporate world accepts the guy with the expanding waistline. It is seen as the symbol of a guy so busy he just doesn't have the time to THINK about health and wellness, let alone do something proactive about it.

The office may enroll a "wellness department" to meet any requirements on paper but the enforcement and accountability of better mental & physical health in the office, is lacking of present at all. In Episode 5 we chat with Sean O’Malley (CEO, Regard Music Group, LLC). Personalized publishing solutions for independent creators. Sean has 20+ years of experience in music publishing and its respective operations, including royalty collection and distribution, licensing, data processin

g and systems development. A Los Angeles native, Sean grew up surrounded by music, playing and teaching guitar and working as a luthier.

Who better to contribute to this discussion about time management than the "busy executive"?

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