Consistency Over Perfection

We are a scientific phenomenon.  Our mind and body, at their best, work together quite well.  No matter the age and what resources are available to us,  where there’s a will, there’s a way. A way to optimize our environments to promote habits that pave the way to success. It’s not the other way around, we can’t weightlift ourselves to a better body without placing a portion of our efforts into nutrition. That’s the ONLY purpose for eating food.  It fuels the system.

Understanding the root or purpose of food, can place us back in control of what we feed our systems to operate at optimal level.

If you are in any way in training you must focus on your nutrition as a part of a well-developed training program.

I truly wish nothing but the best for us all…  I will leave you with the 3 infallible principles I encourage and follow to maintain control over food manipulation: Which what I consider the food industry, when they convince you that something is healthy for you when really it's been processed. 1.  As little to ZERO alcohol – I sub the average, wine, beer or spirit for KOMBUCHA 2. Eat a PREDOMANENTLY WHOLE FOODS DIET (Plant based is the ULTIMATE path to OPTIMAL function) – Simply put, no processed foods (that includes dairy and all other forms of animal sourced products).  When I eat animal meat, I place it in the processed foods category where it belongs and that automatically minimizes my dependence on it for healthy nutrition.  The best way to get our protein is from our plant sources.  Don’t get me wrong, I will eat a steak, I’m having one once I am done with this blog; but I will load up the vegetables and will only eat GRASS FED (GRASS FINISHED if I can find it). Reach for organic, free range and whatever other stamps of approval that are out there.  3. Stay moderate to low on the GI – Foods high on the glycemic index absorb quickly and cause blood sugar levels and insulin to rise. High glycemic foods could be linked long term to the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and even insulin resistance.

That’s it.  Make these modifications to your diet based on science NOT on  your emotional attachments.

Folks, put these tasks into perspective.


It is humanly impossible to be “Perfect”.