Your Membership Is Canceled - READ IN FULL

I hope to never have to write this title in anyone's subject line.

This is just a friendly reminder to only a few of you that may not be reading the terms at checkout. 💪🏿😉🙏🏿

Overall, things are going smoothly.

There is only one thing to go over this week.

Show up with a face mask that fits over your nose and mouth securely and a gym or bath towel. Gloves are now OPTIONAL (According to the the City of Los Angeles COVID-19 Mandate); so if you show up with no gloves, please DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE while training and wash your hands post workout.

READ THE TERMS ATTACHED BELOW, and show up with AT LEAST a face covering and a towel large enough to cover as much of the equipment you're using as possible.

I understand some of you are feeling more comfortable and safe, and that's great!!

I would like to feel comfortable and safe too.😊

I am honored to serve and I'm appreciative of the support. ✊🏿💯

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,



CEO/Owner, Cat's Club Fitness Inc