Equipment Overview (Leg Press)

Isolation machines are the LEAST functional items in the gym. It is why having a basic understanding of biomechanics will make way for all pieces of equipment can contribute to neuromuscular efficiency.

Neuromuscular Efficiency

General Meaning:

"The brain and muscles coordinate the synaptic transmission increasing the strength of the muscle fibers. The more efficient that rate coding becomes the greater the muscle contraction. Overall, the greater the neuromuscular efficiency the greater the strength." Daryl R. Conant, M.Ed

Feel free to add the movements below to your training routine to optimize neuromuscular efficiency.

My thoughts:

I remember hitting the gym 5 days a week (dodging personal trainers like the plague to avoid someone trying to "upgrade" my gym membership to include PERSONAL TRAINING). If I missed a day at the gym, I'd feel miserable and low on energy. I loved the feeling of exercising. It wasn't until my discharge from the Army, that I began to search for purpose in my physical fitness routines.

I LOATHE the concept of "selling" fitness. It dilutes the importance of educational growth and maturity as your mind and body transitions through each phase of decay.

Please think long and hard at this opportunity before you. You have a chance to get your purpose and goals in alignment. This location provides the environment needed to understand program development and use the tools to assess any movement impediments you may face along your training journey.

You're choosing to be your own coach and that's perfectly fine with me. In fact, my gym is perfect for coaching yourself.

My mission is to ensure that you're a good one.

Share your plans with me or let's assess your movement restrictions to develop your first training program.

Let's take advantage of this truly unique training space.



• Space efficient.

•The squat shoulder pads adjust. This allows a wider range of users and make the machine smaller.

• Fully adjustable both upper and lower foot plates adjust to several different angles to accommodate different size users and achieve your desired comfort level.

• Extra removable pads allow for donkey squat by pressing with lower lumbar. This eliminates the spinal compression associated with heavy weights on your shoulders.

• Fully adjustable foot plate for any desired angle. Foot plate also folds out of the way for the hack squat.