Food For Thought! 🥗

Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember to celebrate wisely.

Here's some food for thought!

Always remember, animal meat (ALL TYPES) is a processed food.

Using animal meat as your main source of #protein will neglect a larger portion of #vegetables and fruits on your plate.

In fact, the protein in animals is least effective at providing the USABLE benefits of CLEAN protein intake.

The protein eaten from animals is the result of what the animal eats. Which is why GRASS FINISHED beef, for example, would up the odds of getting a less watered down supply of protein. Even in those cases, you should reach for #plantbased sources PREDOMINANTLY, while also continuing your education on the subject of PROCESSED FOODS.

Why not go directly to the source, plants? A whole foods diet leads to a leaner mechanism to perform daily tasks using the appropriate energy sources.

Learning must continue as your body decays.

Moving forward, make wise choices around animal meat intake and categorize it as more of a "cheat" in a whole foods diet versus a dominant source for nutrients.

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