Keys To Consistency

No matter how much we want to convince ourselves that exercising more and eating less is the formula for all fat loss goals.

The path to a more consistent fitness routine lies in preparation. Mental and physical health, and everything in between, takes preparation to really take off.

Slow down each day to plan the next. After a while (sometimes months), the prep time will decrease because you'll be ahead.

Cook larger meals and freeze the leftovers to build a freezer of options for weeks to come. It takes many nights of cooking large meals to have many small meals frozen to your liking.

Make salad dressings at home and use air tight containers to keep foods fresh.

This next batch of blogs will focus on meal prep ideas and time management tips.

The bottom line is, you cannot lead a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing time and increasing efforts.

Let's have feedback from you on your biggest roadblocks getting in the way of running your fitness plans smoothly.

Are the kids taking up your preparation time? Working too many hours? Lacking in appetite?

Let us know.

We can create blogs to share tips more aligned with our readers' needs.

Help us, help you!

Live & Look Your Best!

Enjoy a great snack idea below with cucumbers and follow us on Instagram to participate in our MEAL PREP MONDAYS!

- Cat's Club Fitness

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