Meal Prep Monday (Dry Beans)

So many people have expressed hesitation in purchasing dry beans (Grains / Legumes). There's an assumption that it takes a couple of days to fully prepare beans from the bag to your place.

Please view a quick video on how to prep dry beans for multiple meal options in 30-60 min. Basically, you can prep beans while taking a shower. There's no need to watch over items like beans, soups and rice. In fact, in many cases, hearty meals like mom used to make (if you're a southerner like me) are best for the multitasker.

Packed full of nutrients, beans ARE essentially, "a multivitamin on your plate". Attached to this blog are multiple source links for that deep dive into the many benefits of bean consumption.

Read up! Eat up! Learn the WHY behind your food choices and making better ones will become less trivial and more of a necessity.

Have a question about preparing clean foods and creating clean, flavorful meals, reach out to Cat's Club Fitness! Let's start productive dialogues about the things that derail consistency.

Remember, Consistency IS KEY!

- Cat

CEO/Owner, Cat's Club Fitness Inc.

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