Put Down Tequila... Pick Up The Spatula

Even though each person's experience can differ at Cat's Club Fitness; the unifying factors deal primarily through results.

Everyone that dedicates themselves to the process, will succeed on all levels of health & wellness.

I want you to be your best.

Congratulations to Ivana for accepting the challenge to meet her initial goal of weightless. Because of her hard work and discipline, she's now graduating to creating her own training routines based on her body's needs. She's consistent with following the dietary guidelines and the combination of components create the momentum behind her continued success.

Now the next phase begins; but we're ready. Dropping 40lbs in four months is also, in part, the result of patience.

Let's celebrate her success and make sure to take accountability of the goals we set and the routines we create to achieve them.

I'm here to help.