A Special Gift For You

This is a letter from the owner:

At the age of 45, I never thought I would be writing a blog highlighting the path to creating my first private gym. In the past, I viewed blogging as something washed up celebrities get into to remain relevant. Never in a million years did I see myself writing one of my own; but now I understand the value and the usefulness of sharing information for all to read at their leisure.

Around this time last year, I was given an opportunity to tell a bit of my journey out of homelessness and into gym ownership.

I am thankful and appreciative to be in a position to host new members seeking a safe space to exercise during such trying times; but the mission of Cat's Club is not to simply share the space for "workouts".

I built this gym to teach each person the fundamentals of program development.

If you're not learning new and innovative ways to improve your overall function, you're not implementing an effective training program.

It is my mission to create more training spaces designed to teach the fundamentals of strength & conditioning.

This is the first location towards this cause.

To have multiple communities of people more educated on developing and implementing their own training programs, would be a dream come true.

This is a special place and I am dedicated to making a difference with it.

It is important that I spend time with each of you to ensure equipment usage is in order and your fitness plan has purpose.

This is not your 24Hr Fitness, this is Cat's Club Fitness where training is encouraged and physical & mental improvements are inevitable.

You have been gifted one 1 on 1 strength & conditioning class, hosted by yours truly, to break the ice and make the most out of your time in this unique environment.

As long as you're reserving time at Cat's Club, you have access to my 20 years of coaching and mentoring experience to lend a hand on your journey. This is an opportunity to get your personal fitness program designed to suit your needs WITHOUT emptying your wallet.

I urge each of you to watch the interview below to understand the value of this space and hear from me directly express my passion, the mission and purpose.

When scheduling your next visit (CHOOSE "Private Class 1 ON 1") enter PROMO CODE: IceBreaker at checkout, to redeem your gift.

I am looking forward to spending a little time with each of you.

Stay Safe, Be Well,

Cat (Strength & Conditioning Coach)

CEO/Owner, Cat's Club Fitness Inc.