The Way Forward

Thank you all for supporting this unique Fitness Club.

The club mission is to be supportive of every guest. No gym should charge extra 💲💲 to get a little assistance with your your fitness plans. Cat's Club Fitness is paving the way to bringing intimacy & personal care back to the boutique gym environment.

Club Guarantee-COVID-19 Compliant

The thought of going back to a crowded gym can be scary. That's why Cat's Club puts safety first. Please review our COVID-19 terms prior to purchase.

Reservation only removed the fear of sharing air with someone outside of your household.

We've got you covered!

Please enjoy a look back at Cat's Club Fitness 2020 and hopefully we'll see you soon 😉💪🏿

Happy New Year!

Cat's Club Fitness Inc

Mindset + Self Respect = Self Care

(A message from Cat)

We will value ourselves more from now on.

We will put ourselves first.

Ultimately we must do our best to strive for inner peace.

Let's not allow our jobs, families, friends or anyone thing to place you second.

Over time, consistency has a positive influence on others. We will attract like-minded people to us and lift each other up.

In 2021 and moving forward, let's make more decisions in relation to our health needs. Regardless of any outside stimuli, we must be proud of our decisions and face earned consequences without a fight.

The ego in all of us is important and can heal and protect us in times of challenge; but ego cannot lead the total mission of inner peace.

Nurture the less active side of ourselves by being more empathetic and sensitive to each other as a FIRST REACTION.

We're all just trying to be well. Practicing patience and devoting energy into the work it takes to practice emotionally disciplined, will make all the difference as days go by.

Much Love,